Most Popular SOAK method

SOAK the Drive-Thru

Pay for the person behind you at the drive-thru! Fast Food, Coffee Shop, wherever! Don't forget to hand the SOAK card to the employee at the window and ask them to give it to the person behind you with their free stuff.

Note Worthy

How about writing someone a note just because. Tell them how much they are appreciated and don’t forget to attach your SOAK card!

Love Thy Neighbor

Got a neighbor who needs a little help? How about raking leaves or getting their mail or putting their garbage cans out? Knock on their door, hand them your SOAK card and say have a great day!

SOAK'd, Sealed, Delivered

Get your card moving maybe even across state lines! Send a card in the mail to someone you don’t see as often as you would like just to make them smile. Insert the SOAK card and watch your card go!

SOAK the Tip...

Tipping 20% is great! But... what if you tipped 50% or 100%???

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Our goal is simply to promote kindness, knowing that every smile can ignite another, and make it fun by tracking how far the cards can go!