We want to prove that kindness breeds kindness

For our family, we love to “pay it forward” at a drive-thru by paying for the person behind us. There’s nothing better than hearing that honk or getting a wave from that person behind you as you drive away. What joy such a simple act has brought us time and again. But we always wondered, do you think they paid for the next person? We always assumed that person paid it forward to someone else that day somehow, but we could really never know for sure.

That was the impetus for SOAK. What if we could track the ripple that one simple outward act of kindness initiated? To be honest … we don’t know if this is going to work. Will anyone log their card? We hope that’s what you’re here to do! Help us prove that kindness breeds kindness!

Please spread the word about what we’re trying to do. And if you get a card, keep it going!

Take care, 

Marne, Noah and Gabbie Marshall

How It Works


SOAK Card Received

Someone did something nice for you and handed a SOAK card.  


Log Your Card/Story Here

You will then tell us the story of the good deed that was done for you. CLICK HERE 


Pay It Forward!

Now it's your turn, do something nice for someone else and hand them your SOAK card! IDEAS HERE


Check out the Map

Come back periodically to see where your card has been!


Feel free to email us at soakthenation@gmail.com

Our goal is simply to promote kindness, knowing that every smile can ignite another, and make it fun by tracking how far the cards can go!